For $1,000,000…

January 19, 2009


Would you have sex with Ann Coulter?

What if “she” were a woman?

Ah, there’s so much to love about Ann Coulter…Who could forget her subtle exploration of race and religious identity after 9/11, when she referred to Muslims as “rag-heads” and “jihad monkeys”? Or that shining moment when she called John Edwards a “faggot” on live TV? And who among us didn’t nod in vigorous agreement when she recommended revoking universal suffrage? The fact that she resembles Johny Kerry in a bad wig is the icing on the cake. This woman is the total package, folks. And the way that Adam’s Apple moves up and down like a charmed snake…Actually, there’s a good chance that Ann might have a package. Hey, she said herself that she’s “more of a man” than any liberal. So, for a million, would you care to find out? This is your chance to get down and dirty with centerfold of choice for hairy-palmed fascists everywhere, folks! Although personally speaking, I wouldn’t touch whatever is lurking under that little black dress with Rush Limbaugh’s dick.

– Lauren

For me, the real question is, would I hate fuck Ann Coulter? And I’d have to say, no. No, I would not hate fuck Ann Coulter, not even for a million dollars.

– Kali

P.S. Mann Coulter. Heh.


5 Responses to “For $1,000,000…”

  1. G Says:

    Thank You Lauren.
    I thought I was the only one in the world that noticed the “Ann Apple”.
    I like to think that I’m not a homophobe, but honestly…
    that dude greeps me out.

  2. Joe Says:

    For a million dollars???? you bet! actually would for significantly less money –

  3. Mike Says:

    Shes freaking hot, tall, and blonde. She has the ability to carry on a conversation, which most girls lack. I’d bend her over and do it for almost any money, or for free if I could keep returning for more.

  4. MIkey Says:

    Absolutely would bang the fucking shit out of her, I’d even pay a few bucks, too.

  5. Hey, for a million I’d get on all fours and let Ann do me!

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