For $1,000,000…

February 9, 2009


Would you drink a cup of your own pee every night with dinner?

You know who liked to drink his own pee? Gandhi. You know who else? Jim Morrison. And guess who else, supposedly? John Lennon. Which just goes to show you that urine is a popular beverage with both people who like LSD and people who are really into civil rights – as well as many, many others. There’s a whole group of people out there who are avid pee drinkers and there are a lot more of them than you probably think (do a Google search for “urine therapy” for a big surprise). Basically, they swear it’s rich in vitamins and that it’s just about the healthiest thing you could drink and they seem to really enjoy referring to pee as “golden.” And there’s more! Many of them also use it for other stuff, too, like treating skin rashes and psoriasis and, of course, teeth whitening (no kidding!), and they swear it cures a bunch of stuff, like eczema and chicken pox (how much would it SUCK to be the kid of a pee drinker?) and that it prevents cancer. They like to quote Proverbs 5:15, which says: “Drink waters out of thine own cistern, and running waters out of thine own well.” (Yeah – I had never seen that one before, either.) Indian yogis drink it, the ancient Romans drank it and – guess what? – for $1,000,000, I would drink it for a month every night with dinner. Not because I buy any of this “pee is good and good for you” crap (I think that when my excretory system excretes something, there’s really nothing more to discuss) but because urine is 95% water and I know it won’t kill me and it’s only for a month and then I’m rich, bitch.

– Kali

Sure. Why not? I know that I threw a fit when asked about shit-eating, but urine is just so much more harmless, not to mention way less chunky. It’s also relatively sterile, which shit most definitely is not, and it certainly has a milder (though not necessarily pleasant) aroma. Plus, if all of those crackpot alternative medicine theories about urine therapy are true then not only will I be a millionaire, I’ll be a millionaire with superhuman good health. That’s a tantalizing proposition. Hell, according to some believers in Kundalini, it might even unleash the power of my third eye (which, as you’ll recall, I agreed to accept in an earlier dare)! And even if the urine does nothing much, it probably won’t do anything bad. Ultra Violet claimed that drinking Salvador Dali’s urine gave her pimples, but that’s small-time. In fact, the major downside to this dare is probably social rather than physical. Can you imagine having dinner with people and explaining what’s in your special cup? Sure, you’ve got the motivation of a fat paycheck to keep your disgust in check, but your table companions are under no such constraints. I would imagine that one’s calendar would rapidly clear, at least as far as evening invitations are concerned. I guess that’s where the consolation of $1,000,000 comes in.

– Lauren


2 Responses to “For $1,000,000…”

  1. Ruth Says:

    Ewww… dirty girls! Haha. Well, I guess $1,000,000 is something to think about in this economy… Still, it’s filtered WASTE, just a little more aesthetically pleasing and more sparkly than #2.

    Con: I’d have to give up asparagus for a month.
    Pro: I’d drink WAY more water. (And I guess the thought of golden showers wouldn’t be so gross after all…)

    Can I change it up & add something bubbly to it, like cider or champagne? or Jameson’s? put Bacardi 151 on it and light it on fire before I slam it like a flaming Dr. Pepper?

    I dunno… I think I could do it, but I’d turn into one raging alcoholic as a result… Actually, F*** yeah I’d do it– I’ve had way worse in my mouth & for MUCH less.


  2. Sarah Says:

    Hey Ladies –

    I enjoy your reading your blog, even though it makes me feel soiled.

    I would NOT drink my pee for any amount of money whatsoever. But I would gladly pee on someone else for ten bucks and a MetroCard. In fact, forget the MetroCard : I’m just going to go pee on people for a tenner, starting with Mayor Bloomberg. GOD I hate that whiny little fucker…

    Re, your Feb. 3rd post : The answer is a reounding, “YES”, because there’s no such thing as ghosts.

    Also ? Re, your Feb. 6th post : Lauren, you look forward to menopause ? Yikes ! Have you been drinking Hippie urine lately or something ?

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