For $1,000,000…

March 27, 2009


Would you have sex with Carrot Top?

Ha. I get it. This question is funny because everybody used to hate Carrot Top, but now they double hate him because he’s not funny AND he looks like a ‘roided up tranny face.

Um, no.

– Kali

That would be a “no”  for me. To give you an inkling of the level of my disgust, I’m filing this one under “All Out Gross Outs,” even though it should be in “Sexiness.” Take that, Carrot Top!

– Lauren

PS – Wait a sec… Is he naked in that photo? Excuse me while I puke.


8 Responses to “For $1,000,000…”

  1. doorknobs Says:

    Wow, is that really what he looks like now?? Terrifying.

  2. jek Says:

    A million dollars? Just to sleep with Carrot Top? How long could it possibly last? Maybe I’m easy, but to me, this is a yes.

  3. e.smith Says:

    I have been making jokes about sex with Carrot Top since 1999.

    One time, back in 1999, there was a pipe, and Carrot Top on T.V, and giggles, and Rob Sullivan, and endless jokes about having sex with Carrot Top. To this day, I change Rob’s computer wallpaper to Carrot Top whenever I can. Would I have sex with Carrot Top for a cool mil.? Debatable. Dunno. C.T.’s arms look like a veiny penis…well all of him looks like a veiny penis. God..ick…Whatever is happening, it ain’t happening sober I can tell you that. Can I get rufied and then have sex with C.T.? No wait, I take that back…egads that’s bad.I can’t answer this.

  4. aileen Says:

    Oh, come on, his junk is probably so shrunken from the ‘roids you wouldn’t feel anything anyway.

  5. Claudia Says:

    I am so going to have nightmares tonight

  6. homicide Says:

    a million for carrot top?? hmmm he is freakishly scary looking but for a million, i’d do it! i’m sure a million will be able to handle my therapy sessions.

  7. Jeffrey Beaumont Says:

    This really isn’t so bad. It’s not like you’ve also required that you birth one of his kids or anything. Plus one night with him will make it easier to excuse 10 more nights with averagely mediocre men.

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