For $1,000,000…

March 31, 2009


Would you be waterboarded?

Hell yes. Not only would I experience the TORTURE (fuck you, Dick Cheney) that is waterboarding, but I have a few people I’d like to personally waterboard. For political reasons, mostly. I’ll start with former Bush administration members and work my way down to conservative bloggers. Yeah.

– Kali

Since drowning is one of my biggest fears, this is a no. Seriously, I start taking huge, gasping breaths if I even think about it, and I basically go nuts if I feel confined in any way, so I’m afraid that this dare would give me a heart attack. And what good is a million dollars if you’re dead?

Now if the question were “Would you waterboard someone?” then my answer would be different. Although I have the patience of a long-suffering saint, people just go too far sometimes. I can think of one or two or fifty folks right off the bat who I’d like to “question,” starting with the nursery school attendant who force-fed me corned beef hash 28 years ago. Miss Denise, I’m looking at you!

Not like I’m a grudge-holder or anything.

– Lauren


One Response to “For $1,000,000…”

  1. slutsky Says:

    I like how both of you turned this question around like that.

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