For $1,000,000…

April 16, 2009


Would you accept $5 million dollars if it meant somewhere, someone unknown to you would die?

How could you say yes to this? Didn’t you ever see the Button, Button episode of the New Twilight Zone? No? Oh my god it was so scary! This totally broke, desperate for money married couple receive – out of nowhere and from an anonymous sender – this plain wooden box with a button on it. Shortly after, this weird “men in black” type named Mr. Steward shows up at their shithole, rundown apartment and tells them that if they press the button, they’ll get $200,000 – but that someone they don’t know will die. The husband – who’s dead set against even having the box in the house – takes the box apart, discovers there’s no wires or anything inside, and throws it away. But the wife can’t help herself and retrieves it in the middle of the night. Then she spends the next minutes, hours, days, just sitting and staring at that box and driving herself crazy thinking about how desperately they need that money. And then, finally, she pushes the button. The next day Mr. Steward comes back, hands them a briefcase filled with $200,000, and turns to leave. The couple stops him to ask what will happen to the box and he says that it will be reprogrammed and given to someone else who will be made the same offer. And then, looking directly into the eyes of the wife, he says – and sorry to interrupt here, but, holy shit, this just freaked me the fuck out as a little kid – “I can assure you it will be offered to someone whom you don’t know.” I mean, he might as well have said, “Girlfriend, you fucked up big time!”

If there was ever a chance in life I’d accept a dare like this, that episode effectively destroyed it. Karma will beat the piss out of you, and you’ll deserve it (because, um…that’s like, the whole point of karma). Plus, I just couldn’t live with the guilt. Because if you say yes to this, you essentially have a hand in someone’s death. As I said from the start, no dares involving murder for me.

– Kali

P.S. Live Wrong and Prosper is moving (!) to The final day of posting on this site will be this Friday. I HOPE HOPE HOPE you’ll move with me!


One Response to “For $1,000,000…”

  1. Don’t WE do this already? NO

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