Everyone wants a million dollars (Even you. Don’t. Front.). Disagree? Just pick up a TV Guide and flip through the shrine to greed that is pretty much every nightly primetime schedule. For just the chance at a far smaller payout, people will marry total strangers, move to the jungle and eat bugs, take lie detector tests which prove (like we couldn’t tell by the fact that they’re on the show) that they’re horrible people and generally throw any semblance of dignity or integrity out the window.

Live Wrong and Prosper: Your Morals for a Million is for people who, like us (Kali and Lauren, your humble authors), are too classy for these LCD grabs for cash, but who like (let’s be honest: LOVE) the idea of money as much as the next guy. This site basically gives you a chance to ask yourself, honestly, What would you do for a million dollars? 

We suggest that you not only ask these questions of yourself, but also of your friends. For comparative reasons. Because, what greater satisfaction is there than realizing your best friends are as greedy and morally low as you? What greater self-satisfaction is there than the kind you get from knowing you wouldn’t stoop as low as the degenerates you go drinking with every weekend? What greater pleasure is there than that which comes with proudly announcing that, yes, you would go back in time and slap Gandhi?

The answer is: There Is None.


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